A taste of spring

I will tell you how life changes from city to country.

It certainly happened to me, when I lived in Milan, that during the winter there was a wonderful sunny day, but I do not remember it precisely, perhaps because, like most of the inhabitants of big cities, it was just a beautiful day, where at most it was a few hours more at the park with the dog or took off his jacket during lunchtime … But in the countryside it’s really different!

This wonderful sunny day, warm and pleasant, sets in motion a fantastic coming and going of people and animals that makes everything “different”. Many of us here work at home, so in winter we are all holed up in our homes, many in front of the fireplace, others with wood stoves, others with the classic heating. What we have in common is that all of us are tapped at home and go out only to do what we have to do: give food and water to the animals, throw the trash, go and buy bread and milk; you cross the street and say hello to the head, because the mouth is well hidden under the scarf. Luckily here the winter lasts very little, on New Year’s Day I had lunch outdoors in sweatshirt and usually early March is already off willingly.

But back to us, the sunny day of yesterday has pulled everyone out of the houses, this winter sun knocked on each of our doors and took us by the hand inviting us to be outdoors. Who cleaned the windows, who started pruning the olive trees, who walked in the fields to control how it grows what it sowed. The peasants came out of the houses and stopped to look at their lands for a few minutes, in silence. In spring there is a lot to do and they were already flowing as if it were the shopping list, the multitude of things that will have to do in the next days of early spring.

I went out among my olive trees, I found that this year is really the case to make a pruning as it should, I took measures for the new vegetable garden, I thought about how many flat fruit I wanted to put and I also chose where will they go.

I walked far and wide in the “lock” * and I stopped to watch the horses, as soon as they feel the sun warmer than usual, looking for a place to lie down on the ground and enjoy it all. Then I smiled and thought that I do not even remember my life in the city anymore. I became a farmer within a few months and now, that I have lived here for two years, it seems to me to have always belonged to this place, to have always lived on these hills, to have always smile looking left at the mountains and right the sea.

“Patria est ubicumque est bene” recited Don Abbondio in the Promessi Sposi, quoting a phrase erroneously attributed to Cicero, “La patria is where it is good”.

“Cit. Susanna Canonico”

By the way, I take this opportunity to present you my new website, Fattoria AnimaLuce, where I tell a lot about this place and where I make you want to run in the Pisan hills to find out how wonderful it is here.

The “close” is a piece of land closed and sheltered, but in agriculture means more precisely the land planted with olive trees. Although this is a word of Latin origin and contemplated in the dictionary of the Italian language, it is a word now disused in the boot, except for the area of ​​Pisa, where the peasants do not use other term than this to define their lands studded with olive trees and erroneously, they are convinced that it is an exclusively and proudly Pisan term.