Raise your hand who has been in Chianti! Have you ever heard of the Pisan hills?

I do not exaggerate when I speak of darling, when I refer to the Pisan hills. Tuscany is a region so rich in magnificence that the whole world envies it. There are some very well known and very beaten areas, while others are less appreciated but equally splendid.

This is because there was certainly behind a great work of enhancement of some areas, which have become in a few years a popular destination for any tourist from every corner of the planet. The Chianti has been able to give the right value to the richness of a land that produces some of the best wines in the world, Versilia has been able to take advantage of nightclubs like no one before them, the Maremma is making an impressive climb enjoying an incredibly rich natural heritage .

And then there are some areas, like ours, where we do not lack anything to be famous as Chianti or Maremma. Only the right value of the territory is lacking.

We have some remarkable archaeological finds, we have wonderful castles dating back to historically very important periods, even older churches, lush vineyards that produce exceptional wines and wine roads, we produce high quality products such as cold cuts, cheeses, ancient cereals and we are one step away from the sea. And more: natural reserves, mountains, hills, lakes, rivers, sanctuaries, museums. But also water parks, discos, quality restaurants, food and wine festivals and events with street food to eat a mustache.

What are we missing? Nothing, on a landscape, historical, natural, gastronomic, oenological, artistic and folk level. And we are also wonderfully close to cities such as Livorno and Pisa, easily accessible thanks to the respective port and airport, we enjoy a road network in excellent condition that leads us without problems from one place to another without going through inaccessible and unsafe roads.

Then? So it lacks only the right enhancement, the right visibility and the right ability to show the magnificence of the Pisan hills to make them justice.

And I try, here, on Cam.Tv to show you day by day the hidden treasures of my hills.

But not only. I offer to the guests of my farm a constantly updated booklet to help them visit the surroundings, from the museum to the beach, from the archaeological park to the aquatic one, from the cellar that produces an excellent black wine to the seaside restaurant where you can taste the fish caught in the morning . In short, I do not limit myself to offering the only service of bed and breakfast, but I want to enrich the luggage of all travelers who must not miss the gold nuggets that offer the Pisan hills.

And these nuggets do not want to make them lose even to the camers, to whom I want to constantly give the opportunity to discover the area around Santa Luce with my articles. And to which I reserve a 10% discount for all direct bookings from the channel of my Fattoria AnimaLuce structure for the entire 2019.

Are you ready to make a wonderful trip to Tuscany?