When the time came to choose, I chose quality. And I’ll explain why. Quality is the password that I have chosen for my farm. This is because coming to live here I made a big leap in quality, I improved the quality of my life, the quality of my time, the quality of the air that breathes my son. And with this same principle of quality research, I made very specific choices regarding some purchases for the farm: mattresses, floors, bathroom fixtures, doors and windows and much more.

But there is another field in the which I chose quality: food products. Nothing of what I need is left to chance, everything is purchased from companies in the area and, if any product was not available or I did not like it, i use only products from our region. (Where possible, of course, although Tuscany is a wonderfully rich region, we do not have coffee, cocoa or tea plantations).

And I want to explain what quality means: quality does not necessarily mean “the most expensive” or “the most known “, quality means knowing the product, knowing that what it is made of is genuine, that behind the work of production there is attention and care, commitment and dedication. We follow every step of our oil: we take care of our trees, we know that we do not use any chemical products to increase their production, we collect the olives in the family, we personally bring the olives to the mill and fry ourselves taking care of each step, we hand deliver every bottle. And I look for products to offer to our guests who have someone to care for them and follow them as we do with olives, I know the companies personally, I know what their land is, I know how they work and purchase to feed my family, same quality products that I purchase for the guests.

Certainly to ensure an excellent breakfast I spend more than I would spend buying everything wholesale, but I should give up the quality and deep knowledge of the product and this is a step back I do not want to do. I know and recognize the strong and full-bodied taste of the milk produced in the San Rossore Park, of the decided and rich pecorino of the Busti family, whose sheep graze on our hills, know and recognize the scent of our eggs, the taste of figs of our tree and the color of the oil we produce.

The fields on the hills that surround the farm are almost entirely cultivated with cereals that, once ground, are used to produce high quality pasta: how could I not let my guests discover, what excellences surround us?

From wine to pasta, from chickpeas to cheese, from honey to fruit, without forgetting oil, salami and meat. We are in Tuscany, the land of excellence and I can not in any way neglect the quality, I can not allow those who stay with us not know the riot of flavors, aromas and colors of the products of the Pisan hills, which allow anyone who comes to visit us, a deep and deserved immersion in the Tuscan culture.