I was about 6 years old. At the cinema, “Escape from the city, life, love, cows” had just come out and my neighbor, ten years older, took me to see him, in that little room of the oratory that had become a day. a cinema. The chairs were small and made of wood, but I was just a child and that small room seemed like a multiplex, it was a dream to go to the movies, moreover without my parents. That film hit me inside, where a desire was there, ready to light up. I asked my parents to move to the country for the next 15 years, Milan oppressed me with a vise that seemed like a spider’s web. I felt a melancholy inside, I said that I missed my life at sea. In “The Motorcycle Diaries”, Ernesto says “Is it possible to have nostalgia for a world you never knew?” and yes, it is possible. I’ve tried it for 30 years. Then I took that dream that was in a drawer and I laid it in the sun, I did not want to make dust. And I moved to 300 km from Milan, in the hills of Pisa, in a place called Santa Luce but that for me is paradise, in the countryside but a stone’s throw from the sea. My son plays on the street like in a film from Italy in the 50s, I wake up and I take care of feeding the animals, collecting the eggs, preparing the breakfasts for the guests. I feel at home. For the first time. And this house is open to all those who want to take a holiday in the middle of nature, sniffing the scent of horse hair, walking among those olive trees that give us a precious oil with a strong flavor, visiting the remains of what the Etruscans they left us as an inheritance. Five rooms in which I put my love for this place, its history, the scent of crops from the fields that surround us. A small farm, dedicated to those who love the countryside and the sea, from where you can see the mountains and go hiking to get to the lake. Where I prepare the breakfasts with the wheat grown here, with milk milked to a handful of miles, with the eggs of my hens, the honey of the boy who is two hundred meters from my house. Where I can taste cheeses prepared with the milk of the sheep that graze on our hills, the products of the companies that surround us, the wine produced in the vineyard where you need three minutes walk to immerse yourself inside. QUALITY. This I chose. The quality of life, of the place, of the Earth, of the products. I chose to open my eyes and feel inundated by the beauty of the views, to eat and offer only products that reflect the richness and genuineness of these hills and with the same genuineness I welcome those who arrive. We offer excursions to immerse our guests in the Nature, to allow them to fully enjoy the place where they have chosen to come, giving quality to our every service. The doors of my house, of my great dream as a child, are open, in the form of farms where the true luxury is the nature that surrounds us. I wait for you, at my house.